Fixed-type Radial Pipe End Beveling Machine factory manufacture

Fixed-type Radial Pipe End Beveling Machine
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  • Post date:March 11, 2015
  • Keywords:Fixed-type Radial Pipe End Beveling Machine,pipe bevel machines,Metallurgy,pipe Processing Machiner
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    Fixed-type Radial Pipe End Beveling Machine Model:FPEBM-24A1/A2;FPEBM-16A1/A2
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Detailed Product Description
Technical Parameter:
1. Pipe diameter: DN100-600(φ114-610);DN50-400(φ60-426)
2. Pipe thickness: 6-180MM/10-70: 6-90/5-40MM
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel.
4. Type Of Bevel: U、X、V、DoubleV
5. Structure: suspended structure with 4 columns
6. Cutting Direction: radial direction
7. Driving System: driven by motor
8. Clamping System: hydraulic cylinder, manual silk pole
9. Control System: Manual Control with Change Gear
10.Control System of Definite Length: NO
11. Auto Adjusting Core System: auto lifting device
12.Logistics System:driven by motor with frequency converter
13. Bracket System:manual silk pole
14. Spindle Speed: 9 Axes Shelves/6 Axes Shelves, 3 Axes Shelves/6 Axes Shelve
15. Axial Displacement: 150MM(Axis),300 MM(Head)/80 MM(Axis),100 MM(Head)/70 MM(Axis),100 MM(Head)
16. Transverse Displacement: ±100MM/±40MM/;±50MM/±30MM

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