Thick-wall Piping Automatic Welding Machine(SAW) factory manufacture

Thick-wall Piping Automatic Welding Machine(SAW)
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  • Post date:March 11, 2015
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    Thick-wall Piping Automatic Welding Machine(SAW) Model:TPAWM-32A
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Technical parameter
1. Pipe diameter: DN400-800(φ426-810)
2. Pipe thickness: 18-80MM
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel.
4. Welding: tube-tube, pipe-pipe, tube-elbow, tube-flange, flange-flange, flange- elbow (dummy tubes for connection when necessary).
5. Driving System: motor drive with two-row metal rubber roller.
6. Compression System: compressed firmly by manual double-chain Leading-Screw.
7. Bracket System:Separate type of trolley matching for Welding Machine, which may be adjusted along the track according to the length of the pipeline.
8. Counterweight System: no Counterweight
9. Speed-regulation Mode:Variable-Frequency Stepless Speed Control System
10. Adjustment Mode: manual cross regulator (A1/A2) / electric cross regulator (A3/A4).
11. Control System: products of proprietary technologies owned by our company
12. Welding Mode: Thick Electrode Arc Welding
13. Welding Power: OEM (or as per customers’ demands)

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